Roman numeral number necklace

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Roman numeral number necklace!!!!!!!!!

Your favorite number, in roman numerals, on a necklace!!!!!!!

Use your birthday, your spouses or kids birthdays, your graduation year, your anniversary, and more!

We will translate any number into a roman numeral!

You choose between gold, silver, and rose gold,

You choose the length for the necklace: 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, or 22 inch,

You choose the number for the necklace(we will translate it to roman numeral for you, or you can leave the roman numeral),

You get: An incredible roman numeral number necklace, personalized to your liking!!!!!!!


Personalized item ships out in 3-4 weeks

**When you add an item to your cart a box pops up for you to leave the number in**

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