Diamond bling name necklace 2

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Diamond bling name necklace 2 !!!!!!!!

Your name, in diamond bling, on a necklace!!!!!!!

Unlike the diamond bling name necklace, with this name necklace you can get uppercase and lowercase letters.  That's the difference between the diamond bling name necklace and the diamond bling name necklace 2.

You can put letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, a heart symbol, or a star symbol on your necklace!!!!!!!

You choose between gold, silver, and rose gold,

You choose the length for your necklace: 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, or 24 inches,

You choose the name for your necklace,

You get: A beautiful, diamond bling name necklace, personalized to your liking!!!!!!!


** Personalized item ships out in 3-4 weeks **

** When you add the item to your cart, a box pops up for you to put the name in **

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